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The Scott Owners Club

The Scott Owners club has a site where you can talk to other members on a forum and can source parts and see pictures of machines and much much more.. just click through the ' Scott'  emblem to take you there...

The Scott Owners Club

Erik van Dongen Scott Site

Erik has found that Scotts are great fun for riders of all ages, especially those who like a bike with spirit!  Moss engineering are very happy to pass on technical information on Scotts to such as Erik and welcome his addition to the Scott Web Ring.

Visit his great site at




Scott Technicalities

    Scott Technicalities

"Scott Technicalities" is a compilation of technical articles written by private owners from all walks of life over several years and originally published in the Scott Owners Club magazine "Yowl"  This information comes from the pro active Australian Scott owners.  Bill Jameson compiled this information and Steve Enticott has put them on line after supplying countless copies on CD ROM entirely free of charge for a considerable period.  The efforts of the Australian owners to help other Scott owners worldwide should be an example to us all.  Click the link

BTH Magnetos

We have been fortunate to have had the help of Tony Harris of BT-H Magnetos in resolving long standing problems with traditional magnetos.  His magnetos help us extract the full potential from our Scott.

Tony has also been developing a new range of rotating magnet 12volt Alternator 'mag-Alternators' to replace Lucas and BTH rotating Armature devices with the benefits of the excellent performance and reliability of his rotating magnet ignitions and the joys of 12volt electics, with the Mag-Alternator looking so good, and costing no more than a decent reconditioning job theres not so many reasons not to..

The New BTH Mag-Alternator

..check his site out now

Click the link

Or Contact Tony on:

Telephone: 01455 844244 (01455 457382 - 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. only) 
FAX: 01455 847775

Postal address:  (for a pop up map of BT-H Magnetos... click the postcode.) 

                                BT-H Magnetos Ltd.

                                Unit 1, Kings Court

                                Kingsfield Road



                                LE9 8NZ 


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