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February 2014

Well, I realize it\\\'s a long time since we\\\'ve done regular updates, but the work most definitely continues.

It\\\'s partly my fault as I used to do pretty much all the website work and I\\\'ve just had a lot going on. I\\\'ve not worked with Roger for a few years now, having left Leicestershire to move down to Devon in 2009. Time has been short, what with starting a business, buying a house, getting married and having a baby but finally I have created a little workshop to be able to fettle the Super Squirrel racer. Not a toolroom, but big enough for a hydraulic ramp and to be able to work.

I\\\'ve never stopped working on my Scott and in fact, the improvement in performance over the last few years has been significant... but I still think there\\\'s lots more to come! The engine is out at the moment as I wanted to work on the gas flowing and check some clearances. I also plan to convert to a twin carb manifold again, to maximise the potential of the Methanol!

Also, I\\\'m looking at how we can improve this site, or in fact create a new one that will be easier to navigate. We\\\'ll post more news about that soon.

Anyway, goodbye for now... from a very wet and windy Devon,

Best wishes,

Richard Moss

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