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         May 2007

There's no doubt that for us one of the big events of April was the spectacular 2007 debut of our single downtube Flying Squirrel racer and its newly finished Super hot motor. The Engine was started a couple of times before the first race meeting of the VMCC racing season and so we were viewing it as a testing opportunity, albeit with a hope of great things!

The engine had been tuned radically different to the previous years engine, and had not only substantially higher compression (over 10:1 after  the exhaust port closes) but also changes to inlet, and exhaust port timing as well as induction.


The Twin carb manifold, made and sold with or without carbs by Eddie Shermer, allowed me to avoid breathing through the single downtube on my frame(!) and also allowed me to provide a great deal more intake area. The twin carb manifold idea was conceived in the thirties by Colin Bradshaw, a highly talented engineer whose competition Scott is a breeding ground for interesting ideas and modifications. It is likely that others have followed this path as Scott men often tended to be 'the modifying types' but his idea is documented by his son in a great review of his very interesting machine here .

So with great excitment, the 8th of April  2007 and the VMCC race meeting at Mallory Park in Leicestershire arrived....

click here to see a short video of the events!

So a bit of a problem! all things can be fixed however and we will be at Oulton Park at the VMCC races there on the 12th May!

see you there?


On other matters:

Fork Stems

The heat treating and grinding has been completed on the batch of high strength fork stems we have made for the Scott made forks from the 1920's.

They are made from the same steel as we use in the cranks, and after heat treatment has 110 ton tensile strength.

They are just undergoing the chemical blacking process to finish them off before we get onto fitting them.

I'll get some photos up as soon as i have them...


The 2007 batch of high strength L/S Moss cranks are in the final stages of manufacture. The Tapers and bearing diameters are being ground and then they will recieve the chemical blacking that the fork stems are recieving at the moment.


We hope you are all enjoying the good weather and next time will give further updates on the progress at Oulton!

Best Wishes

Richard Moss



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