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  October 2006

Well ... Better late than never!

I had finished the Super Squirrel racer for the Beezumph, and had enjoyed it so much that i decided to pull out the stops to enter
the Vintage Clubs final race meeting for 2006 on the weekend of September 30th / October 1st.
This required some effort as i even had to attend a course at the ACU headquarters in Rugby before i could get my licence.. and after..a novice again !

I ditched the Yamaha pipe i had provisionally fitted and spent some time designing and making a new high level pipe to try to make a little more power.
I think in retrospect it is still a little on the short side and the engine doesnt rev high enough to really benefit as much as it could, but there was still a useful effect, which was satisfying!

Paul Dobbs was racing Rogers bike and won nearly all his races over the weekend, showboating (as usual) with his rear wheel antics over the mountain!
I was less successful, being biologically and mechanically at a disadvantage over this formidable duo.. but i still got a fastest lap (albeit in the Novices handicap race!)

Apart from a slight tumble by Paul, the Scott team had a great weekend and we really appreciated the support from all those who brought their enthusiam along to Cadwell Park.

I will upload some video soon..

I am going to build up a new race engine over the winter and thus i am selling the engine i have built for this year,
which is to an exceedingly good specification, to free up some cash for racing next year.

If anyone is interested see here 


Work wise:
A lot of gearbox work has been going on with needle roller high gear conversions by Roger and Eddie Shermer.
Eddie has made several of the clutch release mechanisms also.. and very nice they are too!

Eddie has been building new ratios into boxes according to owners desires and a full inspection and report is available for gearboxes is offered. Email us here if you are interested in this service:

Anyway ..

I will get more stuff up soon!

Best wishes

Richard Moss © 2003

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