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   September 2006

Stanford Hall rally

Well. September in the Scott world started well with a bright and breezy Rally at the picturesque Stanford hall.
We arrived about Ten and for once we had brought the bikes and also Picture boards that i made up depicting our work and also racing shots from over the years.
We also brought a completed competition engine for people to see and various other bits and pieces, including the clutch release mechanisms and twin carb manifolds being made by Eddie Shermer.
The latter was featured in the August 'whats new' so click here to see it!

Eddie also brought his daughter Alex, who was a great help in the bits of filming i did during the day and held a microphone stoically for over an hour when i was filming Titch Allen in vigorous conversation!
It seemed like a good turn out of machines and people and of course the Austin 7 club (and the laverda club) were holding their rallies on the same day, so lots to see.
Stanford hall is such a great venue, the
magnificent trees and grounds, and the Swans on the water, lend a truly peaceful feel to it. Only occasionaly punctuated through the underlying babble of conversation by the crackle of an exhaust.

A lot of interesting people to talk to, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day. Even better when i found to my surprise that i had won an award for best competition machine! A nice moment.

Thank you to those who take the Time to Organise this event.

The Super Squirrel Racer

I was given most of what was the first Racing Scott Roger rode when i was only 14! short of forks and an engine. The intervening years saw painfully slow progress and it was only when we recently began to work together on Scotts in such a focussed way that i thought it was a now or never situation!
I will write more of a story about this bike at some point but this is a basic background to its resurrection!
and what a resurrection!


Beezumph 15!

What can i say .. the Annual track event of the BSA and Triumph triple owners club is famous for its great atmosphere and this year was no exception!
The Only difference being the absence of Roger after his Accident at Lydden. See August 'whats new' here.
We were going to ride Scotts together for the first time, with me on the racer i had just rebuilt but it was not to be and it was left to me to fly the flag for the first time on a bike that has been such a big part of my life.

Click here for my sister Charlottes report of the day!


Click here for a short video of the days events!


and for a grand finale to the Racing season;  I will be riding my Racer and Paul Dobbs (of stunning wheely action !) will be riding Rogers at the last meeting of the VMCC racing sections programme at Cadwell Park on 30th September/1st October.

should be good!


Moss Engineering are accepting Advance orders for the new batch of 'Moss' Cranks that are being commissioned as we speak.
They will be £560 if pre-ordered (50% deposit required) and £625 later if bought from stock.

Please send enquires to

Will get some more pictures up when ive got them .. and will be updating some of the technical advice sections soon ..

but for now

Thanks for coming!

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