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       August 2006..

Verve to Swerve

Roger is still sporting the elegant sling that he earned after crashing his bike whilst displaying his usual verve
at Lydden on the weekend of the 15th July.

See the Crash here! (4mb)

Despite having broken his shoulder blade and collar bone he is turning his hand to left handed machining quite well and he has now become ambidextrous in writing emails, having learned to use his left index finger rather than his right!

Here he is riding to work now..


Work News:

 We have just recieved a consignment of Gudgeon pins we have had made in both 5/8" and 16mm sizes. 16mm is 0.005" up on 5/8" which gives scope for reconditioning existing piston bores and little end bushes without replacement which we believe will be a cost effective solution for many .



NEW Clutch Release Systems

Improved Action Clutch release systems are now being made to our design by Eddie Shermer. Eddie is recently retired from his post as Engineering teacher at Abbotsholme School, where he ran an Electric Vehicle Racing Team with his students working on the car and driving with great success at national events. Interesting series.. their site is here

The Clutch actuation is far lighter and smoother than the original system and only requires a small amount of machining to the rear of the gearbox to locate it.
The Cable run is also much better than standard, especially if you run with the cover over the top of the crankcase under the carburettor, as the cable runs vertically into the release system rather than at 90° like the standard system.
For anyone suffering with Arthiritus or who finds the standard clutch heavy, this is a very good option.
This is Fitted to both the Moss Racing Scotts.

Anyone who is interested contact us here to find out more..


Twin Carb Manifolds also produced by Eddie Shermer.

These are available with or without Carbs/Cables. Fit both duplex and single down tube frames..


If you are interested in these contact us here


Mossengineering now is able to offer Aerosol Spray Laqueur for barrels. This is sprayed onto polished metal to achieve that special finish..


One 400ml Can :   £9.50 + p/p

please click here if you are interested ...

Roger is currently working on remedying the ills of one of the few original four speed gearboxes in existance for a customer.
See some pictures in the work in progress section.

Also ...

The Latest E newsletter can be downloaded here


We have added some Information for New Owners here

and thats all for now..


Best Wishes

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