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Moss Engineering (A short history)

Experts in precision automotive re-engineering

Roger Moss spent over thirty years in the Special Purpose machine tools industry as part of the Leicester company  'Moss Machine Tools' , with customers in the Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and domestic appliance sectors.

The family company, started by his father Frederick Moss in 1946, was internationally reknowned for its insights into new manufacturing solutions and the very high quality of its products.

Its work with Rolls Royce in the 1980's to develop jet engine blade manufacturing technology was considered by their project manager to be central to the success that led to Rolls Royce winning the Queens award for innovation in 1989.

Moss Machine Tools was a victim of the decline in Manufacturing Industry, and finally closed its doors in 1991, not before manufacturing one of the most innovative special purpose machine tools that was created at the time for Ford Motor company.

Roger was cited by many as having been central to the success of Moss Machine Tools, and in his roles of Works Manager and Technical Director he was able to go some way to bring the realities of the shop floor metal cutting experience into the drawing office, to achieve designs that were both ground breaking and elegant in their simplicity.

To see a 20minute piece about some of the last machines made by 'Moss Machine Tools' : please click here (20 meg)

Moss Engineering was started by Roger in 1992, to focus on small scale precision toolroom engineering.

Moss Engineering offer a comprehensive one stop shop for people who require precise solutions to Engineering problems.

Our capabilities include all the various steps from conception of an idea through design and drawing through to pattern making, materials selection through to castings and machining, Inspection and Final assembly.

Essentially.. If you have a problem which requires a degree of consideration toward its solution that you might not find in your local machine shop... then call us and just have a chat.

And, If we cant help you, then we might know people who can!

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Moss Engineering and Motorcycles            


    We have been involved in Motorcycle Engineering for many years and have several bikes ourselves. Roger has raced many bikes in the last thirty years from a 750ss Ducati to his famous Scott Flying Squirrel. 

We have an ideal situation for Motorcycle engineering because of the size involved. We can handle anything up to the size of a small car engine as we have overhead travelling cranes throughout, but larger than that and it exceeds our capabilities here, though work can be project managed in local engineering companies Click here to see our large engine work..

  We are experts in the reconditioning of Scott Motorcycle engines.

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These cages are just one of our products.

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or you might be interested in Some Scott Stories!

 Times change very quickly and we are currently making an archive of stories to do with Scott      

 Motorcycles(and their Owners!)


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Roger Moss

Roger Moss

Always had a love of practical and logical things. First worked machines at age 9 at fathers small factory at weekends. Could work most machines by 14 and after leaving school, worked as apprentice on toolmaking, and defence jobs.

Was works manager of family business at 24 and was involved in changes to produce special machines.

Was responsible for fitting out new factory and subsequent production of transfer machines and special projects for such as Ford, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Daimler Benz.

Had first Scott in 1967 and started to make Scott spares when it broke its crank the same year. Supplied Tom Ward and George Silk with Scott items for resale. Started racing in 1970 with vintage Scott and modern production bikes of the period such as Laverda and Ducati. Was president of British Formula Racing Club for many years and a member of VMCC racing section organising committee.

With demise of Moss Machine Tools Ltd in 1993, I considered what I would most enjoy in my later life.

I decided to have a modest cottage with a workshop and work “hands on”.

Moss Engineering make laser beam manipulator and workpiece manipulator and EDM rotary spindle modules for aerospace machine tools for work on aero engine components. We have produced batches of high strength crankshafts for Scotts and now have started to produce copies of the upgraded Scott type components that I had made for my own use over a period of 36 years.

Richard Moss

Richard spent several years rebuilding engines with me here, but now lives in Devon with his wife and two little girls.

He campaigns his 1932 Scott Flying Squirrel (my old racer) in British Historic Racing Club events and continues to develop this bike. He is also rebuilding my Silk Scott into a racing bike, and details of this and other projects can be found on his website:

After a period of workshop development, he now again takes on Scott engine work and as part of this work, he is happy to travel to help where an owner has a problem that he needs assistance with.

He can be contacted through his website or through Mossengineering.

Ted Hills Design Guru

Ted Hills.  Designer

We are very lucky to have the technical design support of an engineer like Ted.

His experience ranges from the largest dragline excavators, to special Spark erosion, Electro Chemical machines and Laser machines.  A lifetime of unique knowledge is now applied to the refining of Alfred Scott’s creations.  I am sure Alfred would approve

For Ted’s story  click here. © 2003

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